Xtravo Browser

Browser designed to be simple & faster.

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Xtravo is now open source!

After 5 years since launched, we have finally made it open source browser. Developers are invited to use, add and release newer versions of Xtravo.

Available on GitHub.


Simply Fast

Xtravo is designed to be very simple and browse the web faster. Web Apps work more faster!


Xtravo does not tracks your browsing data. It does not stores any kind of data related to you or your browsing history.


Block unwanted sites, pop ups and secure browser with your personal browsing history. Simply Lock-Up your browser and enter a password everytime you open Xtravo.

Web Standards

Xtravo supports new version of Trident Engine 6.0, which delivers the best web browsing experience on the web. It supports modern web standards like HTML 5, CSS3, ES5 and more.


Xtravo Available on Android!

Xtravo Browser is available on Google Play.

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